When these five musicians come together, they travel as one voice, whether negothiating the heights of Russian spiritual music from 16th-17th centuries or the hazards of jazz harmonies. Their creative imagination is many-sided, and at the same time, they are marvelously uniform in their aspiration to excellence. Americans have named them “the Russian Ensemble of Peace; the all-Russia newspaper the Musical Review named them “the Ensemble of year (1997); and in native Novosibirsk they are known and loved simply as the Sharomov Vocal Ensemble”.

The creation of the ensemble has been a long and loving process. The musicians are all graduates of the choral and conducting faculty of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory of Music. They worked together in the Novosibirsk Chamber Choir and Ensemble of Ancient Music. A victory at the First International Competition of Vocal Ensembles in Germany (Korntal-Münchingen) in 1992 first convinced them to begin an independent creative life as a group. From this initial success, they have gone on to be accepted with delight all over the world. Their treatments of spirituals and jazz standards have found resonance in the hearts of Americans and Canadians. Their skill to feel the styles and to follow the traditions of the old masters has brought them the respect of Europeans. In the Russian repertoire they are unrivalled, especially in interpreting miniatures of the Russian romantics and the works of modern Russian composers.

Sharomov has given exclusive concerts to royalty, sung in chamber halls, and performed before an audience of 30,000. Now crossing the ten-year threshold, the ensemble is as open as ever to creative contacts and does not stop in searching for and preparing new styles to present their listeners with ever more varied and interesting concert programs.

Natalia Afansieveva - Manager

Natasha is a very private person so I only know she is smart, cute, sweet, and kinda sassy. Should I learn more about her, it will appear here as if by magic.

The Sharomov Vocal Ensemble received its first international recognition in 1992, when they won their first vocal contest in Germany, a wonderful gift on their first anniversary!

The singing style of the ensemble allows them to excel in performing either Russian Chorales or Jazz. They feel at ease singing folklore and spirituals. The harmony of their voices is spectacular in classical and modern genres of vocal performance.

They sing a cappella as well as with symphony and chamber orchestras. They have sung as soloists in various opera productions.

The Sharomov Vocal Ensemble has toured Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Canada, and the USA. In 1996 they performed at the International Rotary Convention before 30,000 people. Their first tour of North America won the hearts of many thousands of people and they were called “ the Russian Vocal Ensemble of Peace” by the press.

In 1997 the Russian national newspaper Musical Review praised them as the “Best Vocal Group of the Year”.

With more than 30 concert programs over the past 12 years, the ensemble has sung in many languages.

They have recorded 7 CDs.

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